Glad You Called

Today, at this hour,  right this minute, someone is hurting and looking for one good reason to live on.  In our busy and hectic lives we need to quiet our minds and hearts and sniff out those precious and wonderfully made people who are hurting so deeply, that they cannot see a reason to stay.  All it takes is a call, a reminder that they matter, that someone cares, that they make someone’s life and the world a better place.  Never, ever hesitate to make that call!!  Likewise never hesitate to answer that call!!  We may never know how important that one simple call was, nor  how many lives lived on, because we dared to reach out and make that call to someone who desperately needed to hear us, on the other end of the line.  Countless endless lives live on, because of that simple call!!  My son lived on because someone made that call, when I was too busy and over burdened to see that he needed a call!!  He understands the value of  a call.  He is never too busy or burdened to look for someone he can call.  He is 20 years young and would rather make that call than anything else imaginable.  He believes in the powerful message of a song to get the heart-strings motivated.  Check it out and please, just…… Make That Call!!!

“The Call”  by Matt Kennon


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