Bunny Trail O’ Grace and Adoption

If I could tripple times 7 like this on Ben’s Blogg, I would do it in a second!! If I could find a way to make this message of Ben’s into an injection form for instantaneous results for all of God’s childrren who have struggled for years, I would do it in a second!! This is exactly what I have felt for years in relation to my own unconditional, undying, never anything they could do to cause me to love them one bit less – kind of love for my children and then my walk and struggles in my relationship with God. I have been unsettled and discombobulated for years for the junk and lies that spiritual leaders have polluted my mind and spirit with, which is so polar opposite of how incredibly unconditonal, infinite and eternal, I love my own children and dogs even. Yet my capability to love is nothing compared to God’s great love and yet I have not been able to know His love the way I love my children and dogs, until this day, until this message and perspective from Ben Kilen!!! You’ve heard the saying “you had me at hello,” but I say, “you got me at my kids!!!” I am had, I finally know my DAD!!! I feel so alive, loved and free!! Thank you Ben, you are a marvelous blessing of the Lord!!

Kilen's Spot


I’m taking a class and me being me I have a tendency to go on bunny trails. Here is one of my bunny trails.


If you notice I’m only on the introduction but I’m in micro-contemplation bunny trail mode. One of the questions that was presented to us to get us to think was “What is God’s greatest purpose for His children?” Some of the possible answers in the manual were;

●  Serve the Lord
●  Obey the Lord
●  Love the Lord
●  Glorify the Lord

Does anyone ever say I’m having kids so that they can serve me. This might work if your Amish and need lots of hands on the farm but I doubt many people would make that statement.  Or how about “I’m having children to obey me. Also, probably not a politically correct response. The last two, love and glorify, are a little easier to…

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