A poem about life

Beautiful Shaun!!! You have to know that this poem you wrote has a very special place in my heart!! I can only speak for myself but I am sure that most moms feel the same way, my children are my life and I would lay down my life for them. There is no greater blessing to a woman than her babies and if there was never a return of a gift, a flower, a reward…..nothing would stop our love that flows to our children, it is unconditional and forever lasting. The greatest reward to a mother is her children’s happiness, a tender loving smile and an I love you! Now that is the greatest reward ever, ever, ever!!!! Thank you for this poem, it is touching and wonderful!!

2 thoughts on “A poem about life

  1. I am just a big jessy ain’t I ..lol
    I just express well, and I am DELIGHTED if whatever the meaning is, it made you smile, truly.
    We all come to Word Press and it is our little corner of the world where we can let it out, say what we can;t or won’t in our real life.

    You almost brought a tear to a Scotsman eye there.
    That is a gift! 🙂
    Mums are special, they deserve to be made special.
    They bring life where there was none..sometimes the unthinkable happens.
    And I have seen it, and it is the most unpleasant feeling.

    But through love, being together, we help..
    I truly hope the meaning here was good for you x

    Love and Hugs x

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