To My Precious Mother With Love – Daily Prompt: Hi, Mom!

Hello Mother, I miss you so very much!!! It doesn’t seem possible that it has been eight and a half years since you went to be with The Lord. Time just marches right on forward not even stopping for the ones we love and cherish, that leave us sooner than we are ready. There hasn’t been a day or an hour that has gone by that you are not part of our world and daily lives. You have always been and always will be our rock and foundation.

Our Kristi, reminds me so much of you! She has your strength and determination and nothing stops her from completing the tasks at hand or the goal, no matter how impossible. Her skills to organize and get the tasks done quickly and perfectly are just as if you are right there doing it with her! She has your mannerisms and smile and except for her blonde hair – sometimes it takes my breath away when I look at her and see you smiling back at me or see your expressions while evaluating the situation. She has your sense of style and beauty and she leaves your mark on almost everything she does and everywhere she goes!! You definitely live on through her!! Mother, God gave Kristi a beautiful daughter and we so wished you were here to welcome her into the world. Kristi is a wonderful mommy just like you and you would be so very proud of her. Even though you and Emma didn’t get to meet, she is so incredibly like you and you even live on through her! She is five years old now and if I could imagine you and your personality as a little girl, then it would be Emma’s personality! She is so smart and wise and very much in control of her own beat!! She is fashionable and stylish just like you and really enjoys life!! She lights up the room just as you always did and I am so grateful to God for the blessing of you in her!

Our Kyle has grown up to be a fine young man and you would be so very proud of him! He has your quick wit and funny sense of humor and he keeps us laughing with heart-warming belly laughs all of the time!! His wisdom and fine character are well beyond his years and reminds us every day that you live on through him in a way that keeps us all grounded and steady. He has your compassionate heart and is always willing to be the first one up to help someone in need, just like you always were. Just like you, he would give the shirt off of his back. I am so grateful and blessed for the mark that you imprinted on his heart!!

As for me and AJ, you have always been and always will be our compass that keeps us going in the right direction of life. You taught us with your character and unconditional love what life and love are all about. You engraved on our hearts that it doesn’t matter what we go through in life but that we go through it with honor and integrity. You taught us by your example that if you can help someone, then do it and never count the cost! You taught us that in order to make the world a better place then we must start with ourselves and then we would be ripe to make a difference. You taught us so much with a mother’s love but most importantly you loved us with an undying love, the kind of love that has no boundaries and has no limits. Your love makes me the richest woman on the planet because you taught me what matters in this life is to love and be loved!!!
Although you have been away for many years now, it’s as if you never went away. You are so much a part of our daily lives, daily decisions, daily choices and how we affect the world around us!! It amazes me that when I look at each one of us – I see you shinning through!!!

Thank you with all of my heart and soul for being my mother, teacher and friend! Thank you for loving me unconditionally no matter what! Thank you for the sacrifices you made to make my life the best possible. Thank you for every tear you shed for me and because of me. Thank you for making me a better person, a better wife, a better mother and a better friend. As you used to say, “your babies and grand-babies are your precious cargo,” But I say on this Mother’s Day, “You were always and always will be my precious cargo!”

Thank you a million different ways and a million different reasons for being my mother!!! Thank You God, for choosing my precious mom to be mine!! A priceless gift that I will cherish and treasure forever!! Until we meet again, you will live through our hearts and lives and continue to make this world a better place!! I will miss you, oh so very much until I see you again!

I love you forever,
kisses, hugs and tears


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