The Face Behind The Name

Linda - The Face Behind the name Prodigal Chick

Linda – The Face Behind the name
Prodigal Chick

We are all Prodigal Sons & Daughters at some point or another, running around in darkness with our eyes hidden from the truth, dazed, confused, and hurting. 

I have had my fair share of desert experiences and prodigal seasons in my life time.  I felt the Prodigal Chick Avatar was fitting for symbol and meaning.

I married my highschool sweetheart – AJ.  When we met we immediately knew we were meant to be…..   We have now been married 32 years and have been together for 36 years.  We are miraculously blessed and very thankful and proud of our daughter Kristi and our son Kyle.  We are triple blessed by our grand-daughter, Emma.  I love the Lord and have given Him my life to do what He Will – which may sound super sweet but it is a tough gig to follow.  I love my husband, family and friends. I would rather give than receive.  My happiest and most joyous times are in praying, serving and reaching out.  My life is blessed to be a blessing.  I write to share, encourage, and make laugh.  I am passionate about what I believe in – Jesus, love, justice and doing what God leads me to do.  I love meaningful music, especially songs that tug at the heart-strings.  These days I especially like country because a good bit of the country artist are singing about Jesus and turning hearts to Him.  “This is me in a “nutshell!”

This is not my Bible but this is what my Bible looks like except mine has a hundred or a thousand sticky tabs on the top and sides, I just haven’t got around to taking a picture…….

This looks just like my Bible

This looks just like my Bible

Me & My Husband

Me & My Husband

My Daughter Kristi

My Daughter Kristi

My Grand - Daughter, Emma

My Grand – Daughter, Emma

My Son Kyle

My Son Kyle

Father & Son, The Two Awesome Men In My Life

Father & Son, The Two Awesome Men In My Life

So, this is the real prodigal chick, her chick-lets and hubby.  “The Lord Blesses and He adds no sorrow to it!”

Not My Photo - Photo Credit Goes To My children mean everything to me Community

To My Babies, Kristi, Kyle and Emma

This is not my photo. Credit goes to my-last-breath-from-my-children-mean-everything-to-me-photos community page


22 thoughts on “The Face Behind The Name

  1. It is wonderful to put a face with a name!

    I go through Bibles like people go through water bottles and that three different translations to boot.

    You have a beautiful family, I can see God’s Love shining through all of you!

    • Thank you so much!! Ha Ha – I know what you mean, I have 8 Bibles and they are all like that one! My favorite one is slap falling apart but I can’t part with it. It has the most delicious notes and such in it and I know right where every morsel is!! I just don’t know what I will do without that Bible when it can’t take anymore of my digging!! And yes, it was time to put my face with the furry-fur….but that chick is me in too many ways!! I’m so blessed to meet you! 🙂

  2. My favorite Bible is held together by duct tape. As far as highlighting and underlining, I could have done every verse because not many are not one or the other. Great looking family.

    • Thank you! Yea I know right? There is very little of mine not highlighted. I got a new Bible a year ago and it is worn ragged already!! Great idea with the duct tape, I think I will try that…I just cannot part with my favy!! Thanks again Larry!

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  4. Hello PC! I look forward to really diving into your blog. Also, thank you for following my blog at Faith1st Ministries. I hope it has and will continue to be a major blessing in your life. May God richly bless you as you continue to write and blog. Please continue with us on this journey and remember to have Faith 1st because the “just shall live by his faith.” — Sebastian

    • I miss all of you too! I have not given up blogging and pray to return soon. We are facing many trials and tribulations during this season. Oh the joys of going deeper into Gods purpose!! I pretty much have that “deer in the headlight”, look about me much of the time these days but I am standing strong in the Strength of The Lord!! Love and miss you!!

      • You won’t experience the rainbow and its covenant promise without going through the storm. You will come through better than you have been before!

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