Be The Judge

Looking for feedback before I send a press release to the media, The American Civil Liberty Union and the Bar Association.

Is it ever acceptable for an elected Judge to sleep – while kicked back in his chair, read the newspaper, magazines, daily mail during a jury waived trial?  Better yet is it acceptable for an elected judge to hum and sing during witness testimony on a jury waived trial while the defense attorneys sit back in fear of retaliation from the same judge against their clients and do absolutely nothing?  Is it acceptable for the Judge to refuse to allow defense witnesses to testify on behalf of the defense – one was eyewitness to the victim plotting to lie and threatening his witnesses to lie?  Would you find it appalling that the Judge then sentenced three innocent men with no prior record and are good hardworking citizens and Christians of the community to four years prison? All based on his family physician’s word that this victim never had a back injury prior to the incident (just his word no evidence) but the defense had a medical report from the victims previous physician stating that the victim had a prior back  injury and break and ongoing back issues.  Would it seem good judgment of the Judge that he would take the doctors word and the word of the victim witnesses that had perjured their testimony all through the trial?  One of the victim witnesses couldn’t even identify one of the accused and even said that she never saw him in the room but then testified that she eye witnessed him kick the victim.  The same witness said that there were two 50 year old men and she positively identified the third man who is twenty eight.  Would you sit up and take notice if one of the accused was 54, one was 28 and one was 19?  Do you think the Judge would have ruled differently if he had been awake and paying attention to the testimony and evidence?  Perhaps if he didn’t break out humming and singing while people were testifying he may have heard the perjured statements.

The talk of the courthouse is that this Judge is suffering from dementia and convicting innocent people.  I am having difficulty knowing this information, seeing this judges behavior in the courtroom and no one doing anything out of fear.  Even if this judge’s dementia is not documented should his behavior be acceptable on any level?  Should this disrespect of the people by an elected official be tolerated.

Oh, one final tidbit – after the judge sentenced these innocent men to four years prison he then assigned the same appeal attorney to two of the defendants and then went on a weeks vacation leaving this defendant in jail with no attorney at all.


What do you think?  Should I go to the press and make this public so the state cannot continue to harm innocent people with their dirty little secret of a demented judge on the bench??  Should these men have to sit in jail waiting on the long appeal process while the state and supreme court are aware of this 72 year old judges decline and obvious mental disorder?

What would you do if you were in my shoes?  The defense attorney’s feel that we shouldn’t make any waives for fear of the judge retaliating against these three men sitting in prison.

Thank you for any feed back.



9 thoughts on “Be The Judge

  1. I am not fully up to speed on this story, but going by what you say, my only advice would be, “Do what you think to be right” I know you wanted feedback, but in your heart of hearts, do what you believe you be the right thing. You are a nice person, and this means you will be doing it for the proper reasons..

    Sorry it;’s all I got..


  2. Well, I am new to this discussion, but my main advice is: document everything and multiple times. In the Law of Moses, no testimony is accepted unless it is confirmed by a second witness, so the more people you can draw into this the better. Maybe get a journalist involved. If you have to stand alone, do it, but if you don’t have to stand alone it is better not to.

    • I agree. We have a lot of people that witnessed and are documenting. And yes, I plan to go to the press and the ACLU. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me it means a lot!

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