For A Crime I Did Not Commit

The ultimate test of trust in god. I struggle with this myself. It is heart breaking when evil seems to prevail.

Lessons by Heart

Many of us have suffered unthinkable acts at the hands of people who would be considered criminals if the world at large knew what they had done.

Their activities were never exposed, or if they were, had been quickly dismissed by people who should have protected us. In some cases, their turning away allowed the perpetrator to continue to dismantle our bodies, our hearts, and our minds.

There are several such people in my history. In the quiet times of their lives, do they ever think about the damage they’ve done? Do they even give me a second thought? For all intents and purposes, I would have to say that they do not. They go on about their happy lives, unaffected by my pain.

Meanwhile, I relive their actions and words. The memory is as fresh in my mind today as if these things happened yesterday. I can tell you…

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