Distraction 101

Excellent instruction for shutting down Satan’s chatter and distractions. I receive it with open arms!!

Walking in Faith

Distraction 101

Why oh Why oh Why????????? Can’t I F*****O ^^^^^^^^C $$$$$$$$$ S? I have been wrestling with this and it is really taking on new meaning??

Last night as I tried unsuccessfully to sleep, my mind was racing, in every direction, I wanted to pray in the quiet of night, but my mind wasn’t quiet. I was thinking of all the needs abounding,and if I did not write it down, how would I remember what I needed to pray about. It was 3:28 am and as I desperately tried to clear my mind and pray, I had “Annie” songs ( my daughters were in the play over the weekend) playing over and over in my head, not only, “Tomorrow” But, also “NYC” and a little “You’re never fully dressed without a smile”. It was maddening. I then went to asking God outright- Please God take these songs out of my head…

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