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Trouble Maker

Let’s just say that I am beyond the day of making babies. Not just emotionally but physically and naturally. Also keep in mind that I personally and intimately know that there are no limitations on God’s ability to make the most impossible idea or thing completely and totally possible! In fact I have the kind of personal experiences with my God that give me the inclination to know that beyond a reasonable doubt the more outrageously impossible a thing is, He will show off and show up usually at the eleventh hour and BOOM…He defies all natural law, understanding, and possibility!!

With that being said, just imagine my absolute nervousness and “deer in the headlight,” kind of fright when I had the dream three months ago in the midst of every kind of haywire life event imaginable to my human finite being….yes, i had the dream vision that I was pregnant and a baby was in the future!! Oh, Lord help me Jesus, and steady my shaking knees !!

I knew instantly that God had something on His mind. Can I just tell you how every alert and alarm bell inside of my being went into overtime and overdrive!!! I had to hear from God what lofty thing He was doing with my life and I needed to hear it yesterday!

The only reply I received was “wait for it”……..along with all of the other too many to count impossible, simultaneous situations bombarding my life at the same time. Then He simply said, “remember there are pigs in the basement!” Ha!! I could “write a book” on that statement, in fact He told me to three years ago and I haven’t yet.

Watch for the rest of this story and what God did next. He is so lofty and outrageous! His plans are unthinkable and unsearchable! He causes trouble and then laughs in troubles face!! Oh my goodness He is a pistol!!


When Faith Don’t Work

So very blessed by this beautiful song and message!! I thank God for Tami and her ministry!!

Lessons by Heart

This song is one of my favorites. It’s still a work in progress – doesn’t have the beat I want just yet, but thought I’d share it today anyway.

It’s easy to believe that the sun will rise and set…we’ve seen it happen every day. It’s the time between the two that causes us difficulty.

Likewise, we believe life begins at birth (actually at conception. ;)), and we believe that one day we’ll slip through the veil between mortality and life.

Having faith in between life and death is where I often struggle.

Join me as I pray in this song, “I believe, help my unbelief!”

Blessings to you and yours today.

In His service,



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Waiting On The Great Way Maker

This past ten days have been mean and lean. I am encouraging my own heart to stand and know that God is God. This previous post reminds me that God is in control no matter what I think or how I feel. Nothing is too hard for my God! Not even a dead womb or a shattered heart. He makes a way with dead things and the deader the better in His economy. So I encourage myself with remembrances of His mighty workings in my past and wait for Him to make my way straight and alive again!!

If you need encouraged please read this will give you comfort!