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The Fearless Experiment

the narrowingRomans 5:1-5
Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we’ve gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we boast in the hope of the glory of God. Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.

This post isn’t for everyone.
It’s just for You. You know who you are.
The one who can’t catch your breath between this crisis and the next.
The one who looks back at the last few years and sees stress, heartache, sleepless nights, weary days.
The one who hears things like “You’ve got to…

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The Patience of Job: Have you ever felt like your family, friends and even God has left you alone?

This is so encouraging for those of us that are going through extreme and long trials. I am anxious for the next part…..but then we are not supposed to be anxious while waiting!!!

End Times Tribulation Watch

Job; suffering well

‘Blood is thicker than water’ Translation: Your family will stick with you through everything even when your friends desert you.

‘A friend sticks closer than a brother.’ Translation: A good friend will stick with you through everything even when your own family deserts you.

When things get tough in our life who can we really trust? Things will get tough, they always do, so who will be our most loyal friends and our best help in times of trouble?

We know that both friends and family can at times  leave us to stand alone in our troubles; but can the same be said of God? Will God ever abandon us? We have read that he won’t but what of the times when it feels like he has?

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A Friday Poem

Please support these beautiful babies, Jesus would be so grateful of our merciful and loving hearts!!

Larry Who


I am nobody,

Worthless my life is.

To Untouchables I was born,

A Dalit child my fate sealed.


I was born in slums.

Rights? We have none.

To upper-caste our lives we owe.

Slaves to serve all their wish.


Poverty and hunger

Is all I ever knew.

If there is hope,

Tell me how?


What is my future?

Do I have any?

It all looks so dark

And I wish I were not born.

 (The poem is taken from No Longer A SlumdogK. P. Yohannan, © 2011, page 45)

At the very bottom of the ungodly caste system in India are the 300,000,000 Untouchables or the Dalits. Their numbers are staggering and their children have lived the words in the above poem for over 3,000 years.

Yet, take a closer look at the above picture, okay?

These are Dalit children who have been brought into

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A poem about life

Beautiful Shaun!!! You have to know that this poem you wrote has a very special place in my heart!! I can only speak for myself but I am sure that most moms feel the same way, my children are my life and I would lay down my life for them. There is no greater blessing to a woman than her babies and if there was never a return of a gift, a flower, a reward…..nothing would stop our love that flows to our children, it is unconditional and forever lasting. The greatest reward to a mother is her children’s happiness, a tender loving smile and an I love you! Now that is the greatest reward ever, ever, ever!!!! Thank you for this poem, it is touching and wonderful!!

Love You Like Jesus

“I love you deeply, unconditionally, forever and beyond.”

–Gina CianfaraniProdigal Chick

To love deeply, unconditionally, forever and beyond is to love like Jesus does.  My prayer is that I am so saturated in the love of Jesus, that I love you like Jesus does!!  When I look at you, all my eyes can see is magnificent beauty, completely spotless with no stain or wrinkle.  My eyes can’t see an offense or one crooked bend.  When you are down on yourself and have a brokenness in your heart, I have nothing but love for you.  When you fall short and fall back, I will just love you like Jesus does!  Oh, how I long for the day when I look on you, looking through the eyes of love, my first love Jesus Christ!

Women love your men and Men love your women, like Jesus does!  Moms, Dads, Sisters, Brothers, Friends, Neighbors and every living, breathing soul, love each other like Jesus does!  Love never fails, saints or sinners……

Sing it Eric Church   “Like Jesus Does”

I’m a long gone Waylon song on vinyl.
I’m a back row sinner at a tent revival.
She believes in me like she believes her Bible.
She loves me like Jesus does.

I’m a left foot leaning on a souped up Chevy.
I’m a good ole boy drinkin’ whiskey and rye on the levee.
But she carries me when my sins make me heavy.
She loves me like Jesus does.

All the crazy in my dreams,
Both my broken wings,
Every single piece of everything I am.
She knows the man I ain’t,
She forgives me when I can’t.
That devil, man, he don’t stand a chance.
She loves me like Jesus does.

I always thought she’d give up on me oneday.
Wash her hands of me leave me staring down some runway.
But I thank God each night and twice on Sunday
That she loves me like Jesus does.

All the crazy in my dreams,
Both my broken wings,
Every single piece of who I am.
She knows the man I ain’t,
She forgives me when I can’t.
That devil man, he don’t have a prayer.
She loves me like Jesus does.

Yeah she knows the man I ain’t.
She forgives me when I can’t.
That devil, man, he don’t stand a chance.
Cause she loves me like Jesus does.

I’m a long gone Waylon song on vinyl.

Until next time, This prodigal chick love’s you like Jesus does!

Prodigal Chick

Prodigal Chick

We are all Prodigal Sons & Daughters at some point or another, running around in darkness with our eyes hidden from the truth, dazed, confused, and hurting.  

Yea, that was me, the prodigal chick!   But listen up, my prodigal chick-let,  found a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through songs like this…….check out “Modern Day Prodigal Son”  by Brantley Gilbert, this musician is bringing in souls for Christ Jesus!