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He Raised Me Up!!

“Lord You did not hide from me, no not at all !!

You hid for me, yes, for my best interest, for my deep-rooted growth with strong and trusting faith. You hid so I could stand. You hid so I could face and conquer my many fears. You made yourself small to raise me up big and strong!

You Lord are indeed The Great Way Maker, my recompense, my refuge, my hope, my strength…..my ever lasting love and salvation!!

Lord, I know that the past two years was heavier on Your heart than it was on mine! I know that it was no party for You to watch me fall apart and live in fear, turmoil and confusion. I know how you felt and feel for each one of your children when fear, anger and stubbornness tie Your hands from moving in our situations. As parents we want to rescue our children from the troubles of this world but too often we are helpless to do a thing!! Lord, I am so ashamed for hurting You, for causing You pain, for not trusting You when You have done great and mighty works in my life time and time again!

And yet even still,  in my darkest hour, in the midst of the horror and absolute carnage of my life, You raised me up!! You did one of Your mighty works and rescued my chick-let when there was no possible rescue available except through You. You showed Yourself strong and in charge and You did it in a way that no one could or would claim it to be a happen chance. No, even non- believers believed You! Lord, we didn’t even use our ace in the whole, You still have it stored up for Your future great pleasure and recompense!! While there is still work to do and You are still working behind the scenes for justice and victory, three months later I am going over the events in utter amazement!  I wonder daily of Your secret plans for they are too great for me to figure!!

Lord in all of my falling apart and not trusting You, You were behind the scenes directing things in the way You wanted them to go and You always get Your way even when our finite minds can’t understand your mysterious workings and your perfect plans!

The one thing I know, when the gates of hell are advancing, when the heat is turned up to unbearable temperatures and the sweat of the brow is so profuse and every drop is as if  life is being sucked dry of any hope, survival or victory, when I stand stripped down with nothing left to give, oh but that is when You O’ Lord show the world Who is boss and the way things are going to be!!  That is when You shout louder than words, “he’s mine, yea that one, she’s mine, yea that one,  get your hands off!!”  That’s when You say, “Fear Not, I am your God and I fight for you!!”

Stay tuned as I share the details of the journey of how the Great Way Maker made a way for my son’s release from captivity, turned my deceived and broken heart into love, truth, faith and confidence. My Great and Mighty Way Maker turned my hopeless nothing into a strong something!!  He raised me up!!


I May Not Be a Super Star But I Live With The King

The song I picked for today is just wonderful and if I could sing a lick, this is the song I would sing to Jesus from my whole heart.  But since God didn’t bless me with that whole singing feature and because I love Jesus so very much…. I just can’t put Him through the torture of my bad singing. I mean He suffered enough for me already, right!?  So, Jo Dee Messina is going to sing it for me and I’m going to sing it super soft and pretend it is me, because that is the closest I will come to being a super star singer…..very sad for me but “Oh what a relief” for everyone else!!

So here is Jo Dee singing about my heart condition.  I love you so much Jesus, thank you for loving me first!


“Because You Love Me”

I don’t know how I survived

In this cold and empty world for all this time

I only know that I’m alive
Because you love me
When I recall
what I’ve been through
There’s some things
That I wish I didn’t do
Now I do the things I do
Because you love me
And now that you’re in my life
I’m so glad I’m alive
‘Cause you showed me the way
And I know now how good it can be
Because you love meAnd now that you’re in my life
Oh, I’m so glad I’m alive
‘Cause you showed me the way
And I know now how good it can be
Because you love me

I believe in things unseen
I believe in the message of a dream
And I believe in what you are
Because you love me

With all my heart and all my soul
I’m loving you and I never will let go
And every day I’ll let it show
Because you love me
Because you love me
Because you love me

Goodnight.  Until next time, I’ll be loving you like Jesus!

Why Me?

Jeremiah 1:5

The Message (MSG)

“Before I shaped you in the womb,
I knew all about you.
Before you saw the light of day,
I had holy plans for you:
A prophet to the nations—
that’s what I had in mind for you.”

As I look back on my life and my walk with the Lord, I am forever reminded that before I was formed and came to be, He saw me, knew me and had a plan for me.  Satan has pursued me and attempted to stop me even when I was still in my mother’s womb. My spiritual walk has not been easy, has not been rosy, and has not been full of warm and fuzzy feelings.  No, it has been hard, tough, lean, mean and finally uncertain.  There has been very little comfort or understanding in the natural realm which is why most of my life I have felt like a foreigner in unfamiliar territory.  It has been a lonely and confusing place with no answers, comfort or understanding. This one thing I do know and the Lord has been steady to remind me that satan is threatened by God’s planned purpose for my life. I suppose that in itself  brings comfort in the midst of satan’s hot pursuit of my life.  It was a crazy notion to me; I could not grasp the weight of it.  How could I be a threat?  I am not that special nor do I see that I am all of that, to do a thing about a thing!  I don’t have any great talents, just ask my husband and children and they will tell you.  I do not have an aggressive personality but rather I am gentle spirited, laid back, extremely tender at heart and compassionate.   I simply could not see how I could be a threat or match to the dirty deeds of the devil.  Most of the time I was left bewildered and didn’t have a clue about what to do next.  My constant cry to the Lord was, “I know you have created me for something specific and I know that all of my troubles and hardships are to prepare me for a greater purpose but what is it?”  I get glimpses of the spiritual gifts and anointing on my life but then what?

My friend Crystal is responsible for ever so subtly pointing out spiritual gifts that I wasn’t even aware were in operation.  She would  say something like “oh, when you say things like that you scare me because they happen….”  It was only then that I became aware that Jesus showed up on the scene to say whatever lofty thing He wanted to say!! Crystal I love you for showing me that I am not crazy but the instrument of God’s plan.  Now when I get that “she’s crazy” look from people, I know that it is God’s deal not mine.  I thank you for being my friend and confidant as I struggled to get a grasp.  My deepest gratitude goes to you because in all of my uncertainty and confusion along the way, you never gave up on me. All the many times I stepped back waiting for a full and complete plan to fall into my lap, even then you never gave up on me.  No one on this planet says, “step out of the boat and begin,” like you do.   I thank God for the honor of Him planting you in my life!

I have recently learned to accept myself as God created me and have stopped comparing myself to everyone else. I don’t try to figure everything out or try to make sense out of things that will never make sense to the natural mind and quite frankly are none of my business.  So these days, I am less confused and more aware that this life I live,  is not mine to live but belongs to God to do what He chooses, to carry out what He had on His mind before He put me together.

If your walk with the Lord mirrors mine and you feel like a stranger walking through a strange land, then my prayer is that God will speak to you and give you comfort as I share my own journey’s from my beginning, in the quiet place, the place that God made “His Plan” for my life and then formed me, saw me…. knew me and in His Sovereign love protected, “His Plan.”

Satan first plotted and attempted to stop God’s plan for my life while I was still developing in my mother’s womb.  He failed as he has failed every time since then.  When God makes a plan no devil in hell can change it, intercept it or stop it!!!  “The Plan” itself, can’t even stop “The Plan.”  “The Plan” can be avoided, stalled, second guessed, and twisted….but it can never be stopped!  STAND STILL AND SEE THE SALVATION OF THE LORD!!!

How fitting that I should come across this message just before I click on the publish button.  God is in control of everything, every time and for all times!!  He might as well be sitting right in front of me speaking this message.     T.D. Jakes – “Why Me”      http://youtu.be/qfbz_4MPQ-E

And that dear friends describes and answers the questions of my life in a “nutshell!”  But this prodigal chick is right where God wants her to be….He is in the driver’s seat and He will deliver me to His planned destination.  All I have to do is sit back an enjoy the ride!

Glad You Called

Today, at this hour,  right this minute, someone is hurting and looking for one good reason to live on.  In our busy and hectic lives we need to quiet our minds and hearts and sniff out those precious and wonderfully made people who are hurting so deeply, that they cannot see a reason to stay.  All it takes is a call, a reminder that they matter, that someone cares, that they make someone’s life and the world a better place.  Never, ever hesitate to make that call!!  Likewise never hesitate to answer that call!!  We may never know how important that one simple call was, nor  how many lives lived on, because we dared to reach out and make that call to someone who desperately needed to hear us, on the other end of the line.  Countless endless lives live on, because of that simple call!!  My son lived on because someone made that call, when I was too busy and over burdened to see that he needed a call!!  He understands the value of  a call.  He is never too busy or burdened to look for someone he can call.  He is 20 years young and would rather make that call than anything else imaginable.  He believes in the powerful message of a song to get the heart-strings motivated.  Check it out and please, just…… Make That Call!!!

“The Call”  by Matt Kennon       http://youtu.be/YK3zs7EV6Tk

Prodigal Chick

Prodigal Chick

We are all Prodigal Sons & Daughters at some point or another, running around in darkness with our eyes hidden from the truth, dazed, confused, and hurting.  

Yea, that was me, the prodigal chick!   But listen up, my prodigal chick-let,  found a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through songs like this…….check out “Modern Day Prodigal Son”  by Brantley Gilbert, this musician is bringing in souls for Christ Jesus!              http://youtu.be/6emAV05ffnE